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Meet Alán Ramiro Manning 

Voyage Phoenix Features: 2022

Hi Alán, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstories with our readers?

There I was catching my breath on the train after running through the halls with a bag full of coins. The train door closes and a full rush of chills envelopes me as a tear drops from my eye. It really worked. I made enough money to eat for two weeks selling my sketches on the streets of Barcelona. This is where “see the lines” began. Now let me take you to the beginning.

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Meet Alán Ramiro Manning | Travel Artist, Designer & Teacher

Shoutout LA Features: 2021

Hi Alán Ramiro, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Risk taking has played a major role in my personal development while growing as an artist and architecture designer. There is fear associated with taking risks and I believe that’s the catalyst. It’s an internal friction. The friction creates a spark, the spark creates a fire. And that fire in our belly is what allows us to expand and grow deeper into our life’s purpose…

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True Grit Article

True Grit: How One Designer Taught Himself to Draw and Became an International Artist

Archinect Features: 2019

“I went to School with Alan and I remember how underappreciated his sketching was until he came back from Barcelona and believe me when I say he inspired a lot of us to fill sketchbooks of rough drawings again. Great Article Sean”

– Byron Marroquin

“Inspired me to start Sketching keep up the grit Alan “

– Warren Maugo

Architecture Sketching Course Feature

Artist and designer Alán Ramiro Manning launches new architectural hand sketching course

Archinect Features: 2021

“”I created the Travel Sketching in Puerto Vallarta online course because travel sketching has been a vehicle for me to connect with people all around the world, and I want to share that gift with others by empowering them to do the same,” Alán told Archinect about the course. The 2-hour course covers principles including one-point perspective and proportions, pencil work, pen work, and watercolor.”

EP 72 :: Alán Ramiro & Finding Connection Through Sketching

Etchr Podcast Interview: 2021

“With ten years of experience and 20 countries visited, Alan Ramiro is no stranger to Urban Sketching. His desire to connect, create and serve fueled him to share his artistic gift with the world through teaching.”

In this episode, we talked about :

  • Urban Sketching is a form exchange
  • Art as a vehicle for connection
  • How life experiences can be pivotal for pursuing a deeper calling
  • Letting go of the desire to be perfect
  • How to create a 7-minute sketch
  • How eye-level is a magnet
  • Fundamental values of Urban Sketching

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      Project Next LIVE Masterclass Interview: 2021

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