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Hi, my name is Alán.

I am a designer living in Los Angeles, California.

My vision for See the Lines is an attempt to translate the details of everyday life that are most often unseen, overlooked or underappreciated, and define them as focal points for the observer. This concept is influenced by my architecture studies at Woodbury University, and from my experiences traveling through Asia and Europe.

As an up and coming designer, I aspire to thread the natural discovery of sketching into the practice of architecture; sketching is an essential hand tool for real time creation.  Urban sketching, on location in one to one scale, connects you to the environment’s sounds, smells and colors in a most authentic, raw way; the process is meticulous and meditative. This is how I connect to a space and understand its inner and outer workings. In turn, I come to understand what the space wants or needs, how it can be transformed or expounded upon and how I can instill my own design in a space.

Currently, my collection is comprised by much of what I’ve documented while traveling, and what I’ve accomplished during my studies.  My goal is to continue this discovery of urban sketching through the city of Los Angeles, teeming with opportunity for creativity.

I accept commissions and would be happy to discuss any particular idea you might have.

Alán Ramiro Manning

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