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With 10 years experience working in architecture and a lifetime obsession in sketching, Alán has combined the two to create a holistic approach to representing vision, as lines.

Travel sketching particularly is something that has developed since his break-through studying abroad in Spain. When push came to shove, no money left, Alán hit the streets of Barcelona and shared his sketches with tourists and locals alike. That was the catalyst that led him to ‘SeeTheLines’. By creating an experience for people, in turn a connection and a memory to savor, sketching became a means to access the universal language of admiration for creation.

After having traveled to 20 countries, it is with utmost joy and passion that, Alán is now in the position to create immersive experiences to join him on his travel sketching journey’s. You will see the lines and begin to harness your own unique vision of creating a legacy of sketches.

Ask about commissions to create a sketch for you, a gift, or a client of yours!

Alán Ramiro Manning

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