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SeeTheLines Mexico: Travel Sketching in Puerto Vallarta

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Do you have an inner desire to re-ignite your passion for sketching?
Are you stuck and struggling to get into that pure sketching flow and have fun in the process?

If you answered ‘Yes’, we have a lot in common and I understand.

Ten years ago when I was an architecture student I had an inner calling to master the ability to sketch…
It wasn’t until I made it my mission to come home from studying abroad in Spain with the newfound abilities.

In this 2-hour course, you will discover the methods to enhance your vision to see like an architect
to translate what you see into amazing sketches.

You’ll be fully immersed in my thought process as you join me in real-time sketching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The take away from this 5-phase course you’ll have learned to implement the following:

1. One-point Perspective and Proportion:  Measuring your scene on-location with accuracy
2. Pencil: Extract the visual framework with multiple layers of lines
3. Pen: Apply ‘Selective Admiration’ to create depth
4. Watercolor: Building a foundation by grouping elements
5. Watercolor: Bringing it all to life with sky, trees, shade and shadow.

Follow this simple easy-to-learn rhythmic process of sketching on-location and you’ll be inspired to travel the world and create your own legacy of sketches.

Happy Sketching!

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

For under $75 you can be sketching in comfort either sitting or standing out on-location. This set-up has served me well and easily packs up for quick on the move guerrilla sketcher style. Below are the three items with links to where to buy them. Save time, I vouch...

Street Art Experiment

Street Art Experiment

In late April 2014 I set out for a “street art experiment”. The idea is to do what I do normally, which is urban sketch anywhere and everywhere I desire, except this time make some cash while sketching…

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