SeeTheLines® Is Your Urban Sketching Guide To Awaken Intuitive Sketching Skills Without Needing Technical Know-How

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Are you ready to sketch with clarity, confidence and intuitive speed?

Good news alert: Did you know that you don’t have to have natural born talent or go to college to study art to be enjoy sketching AND call yourself as an artist?

Did you know that sketching intuitively and loving the process requires just some simple steps to understand then you’re in the flow?

Well there are others just like you with an inner calling to re-ignite their passion for sketching who transformed their lifestyles easily and without needing that so-called inbred talent that most people think an artist needs.

Through SeeTheLines® you’ll have everything you need to become a master at sketching both as a fun lifestyle creating amazing travel sketches to being commissioned for bespoke art work and get paid for what you love doing EVEN IF you think “I can only draw stick figures”, its time to re-draw your future how you truly envision it to be.

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"A Sketch Warrior connects mind body and spirit to seethelines"

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The best way to learn is to immerse yourself with a Master. I will teach you everything I know from 10 years experience and 20 countries visited. The journey is just getting started. Join me as we sketch the world! Become a Founding Member today to secure your seat at a lower price.

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Experience sketching fully immersed in a new environment with like-minded and passionate fellows? Yeah! Learning in a new environment sparks profound advancement in your journey.  Join me with an intimate size group in travel sketching. Each day is unique as you will learn The SeeTheLines Methodology.  The next retreat in May 2023 will be in Valladolid, Mexico!

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Lifetime Access to the 6-week Masterclass. (Date TBD – Waitlist coming soon). This Masterclass Course material is tailored to your needs as you ask questions and get answers in real-time. This is designed for the beginner to advanced as we cover the SEE, SHAPE, SHARPEN methodology. 

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Do you have a unique project in mind? Or any questions or comments please contact me. Let’s create, connect and serve.

Photo: Trinidad, Cuba 2018 w/ Renowned Artist, Yudit Vidal Faife

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