Urban Sketching Workshops

Rome Urban Sketching Workshop

Saturday: Mar 16, 2024 – Rome

Lisbon Urban Sketching Workshop

 Saturday: Feb 10, 2024 – Lisbon

Morocco Travel Sketching Workshops

May 22-30, 2024 – Morocco

About The Lisbon Workshop

WHERE: Largo de Intendente

WHEN: Saturday, Feb 10, 10h – 13h.

PRICE: €35 pre-payment or €45 day of the workshop

WHAT: This workshop teaches perspective and watercolor techniques.

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels welcome

This is a 3-hour urban sketching workshop with a focus on a one-point perspective and how to simplify details. 

Group size is maximum 15 and the payment is a better price when paid before the workshop begins to ensure we have a sufficient group size.

Please fill out the registration form below. Thank you!

Lisbon Urban Sketching Workshop
Price: 35,00 €

About The Rome Workshop Weekend

WHERE: Rome (You will receive a meeting point and itinerary upon signing up)
WHEN: (10h-18h) Saturday, March 16
PRICE: €75
– Includes a meal and all workshops.
– 50% deposit to confirm your attendance.
Not included.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: €12.50  (recommended)
– It is recommended you purchase your own 48 hour pass to hop on and off the metro/bus. News-stand and tobacconists sell public transport tickets.

WHAT: One full day of sketching. We start off the day “guerrilla sketching” style hitting various locations by quickly capturing the values and compositions in color pencil then progressing to ink/ink wash. We break for lunch. Then digest with a slower paced 3-hour workshop in ink and watercolor.

NOTE: This is not an attractions tour and I am not a guide. We are sketching on the streets like proper urban sketchers. Discovering inspiring locations in a serendipitous way. I will have an itinerary for us to roughly follow as we wander the alleyways and streetscapes with our sketchbooks in hand ready to seize that scene at any moment.


Group size is maximum 10 people.

Please fill out the registration form below. Thank you!

Rome Urban Sketching Workshop
Saturday March 16, 2024
After you click submit you will see all relevant payment information.
Price: 75,00 €

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies should I bring?
The following are suggested items to best benefit the workshop
  • Small pocket sketchbook for quick practice drawings.
  • Watercolor sketchbook
  • (1) color pencil (blue color preferred)
  • Watercolor kit: (Windsor & Newton travel kit recommended) add colors: ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson red.
  • Brushes: 2 round brushes, 2 flat brushes,  waterbrush also works.
  • Permanent ink pens: Min. (3) line size pens or a fude nib fountain pen filled with ink, a black brush pen. (Pentel brand recommended.)
  • Water/ cup and paper towel
  •  chair/ stool or stand-up easel
If I am completely new to urban/ architecture sketching, Is this workshop appropriate for me?

Yes absolutely and it is encouraged. We will work through foundation building for the complete beginner in a fun hit-the-ground-running way.

If I am more advanced will I still find value in this course?

The exciting thing about this workshop is that it will equip you with new ways to SEE. You will get unique professional architectural trained methodologies while discovering Alán’s particular technique and approach. But more than that you will return home with a boost of inspiration and vision to continue in your journey.

What if I cancel at the last minute?

Because we are a small group, last minute cancellations are nonrefundable.

Urban Sketching Workshop Images

Images of workshop experiences in Lisbon

Workshops Around The World

Images from New York. Mexico and Brazil

Alán Ramiro Manning



Alán Ramiro Manning is on a passionate mission to create, connect, and serve through drawing and teaching on-location all around the world. He is a graduate from Woodbury University in Los Angeles, California with 10 years experience working in the field of architecture. Alán provides a strategic combination of creative and technical skills in the arts, design, and video story telling. Boots on the ground, he is tangibly making an impact country to country by inspiring a movement to live in the moment, be yourself, create fearlessly, and to take action on your dreams

Here's what students experience learning The SeeTheLines Method™

I really enjoyed this course by Seethelines! I would highly recommend anyone seeking to start or improve their travel/urban sketching, to take part in the course. Alán is not only shares expert knowledge of sketching and watercolour but also inspires to enjoy the whole process from start to finish. It was a great experience following and trying out the process for myself. I’m already a fan of his work but looking out for any more courses by Alán!

Joshua Takaoaka

Architect | @sketchjt

Great course breaking up the sketching process in proper phases. I am partial to organized approaches 😀 Main necessary knowledge for a great start imparted & good practical examples demonstrated. There’s everything here for a beginner & some good ideas for a more seasoned sketcher. 

Adina Schisler

Engineer | @adinaschisler

Wow, I really enjoyed this class! Alan breaks the material down into steps simple enough for a beginner, but there is plenty of content for an intermediate watercolorist as well. His tips on perspective were especially useful. The scene we painted was quite complex. It included plants and trees, buildings, water and boats. It was fun to paint and very informative. Thanks, Alan! I look forward to enrolling in more of your classes!

Shannon Silver

Mom & Aspiring Watercolorist | @dorkemomsart

What's it like working with me?

Hello, we are the New York City chapter of the international group called Urban Sketchers. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Alán Ramiro Manning in November  2022 and presented our members with the opportunity to take his workshop “See the Lines-Shape and Sharpen the World Around You.”

Alán was very enthusiastic about these workshops and willing to collaborate with us. We met a few weeks before to talk about his ideas for the workshop, review his portfolio, pick a location, scout out sketching spots and discuss how to facilitate his workshop for our membership. I know he also went back multiple times on his own to the location to sketch and scout out the venue.

Alán gave two sessions, three hours each; both sessions sold out and were given in an indoor space in downtown Manhattan. The response from attendees was enthusiastic, and we look forward to working with Alán again on his next visit to New York.

Frida Christofides

NYC Urban Sketchers

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