Urban Sketching Mastery

Hey Sketcher, do you want to accelerate your skills, have confidence and intuitive know-how while creating memorable sketches in your daily life… asap?


  • You knew exactly how to sketch in flow
  • You created a legacy of treasurable sketches
  • Your Inner Artist Transformed to a fulfilled ARTIST
  • Sketching Opened Doors To Friendships All Around The World
  • You were able to capture precious moments with your unique vision

You’re in the right place.

My life mission is to help YOU awaken your inner artist to its intuitive super sketching skills so that you can create, connect and serve with clarity, confidence, and action

Here's Everything You Get When You Purchase Today + Bonus Coaching Options

Urban Sketching Mastery:
The SeeTheLinesMethod

8 Week LIVE Online Course

Your sketching lifestyle is meant to be enjoyable, a tangible way of seeing your growth, and creating memories that will last a lifetime,  but for it to do so, you have to have a clear vision of the steps to work through as it becomes second nature. Together we will make sure that sketching is an integral part of your life to create, connect and serve.

($2,497 Value)

SEE - Module 1 (Foundations)
SEE - Module 2 Curriculum (Visualization Exercises)

Visualization Exercises

SEE - Module 3 Curriculum (Preparing Your Scene)
SHAPE - Module 4 Curriculum (Form Finding)
SHAPE - Module 5 Curriculum (Life Through Depth)
SHARPEN - Module 6 Curriculum (Texture)
SEE, SHAPE, SHARPEN - Module 7 Curriculum (Powers at Play)

How to Simplify Complex Structures – Time Saving Sketch On-Locatoin

Ok by now we have gone through all the steps big and small. Through various visualization techniques you have harnessed an awakened ability, gained a super power and can now confidently say, I SeeTheLines.

Congratulations. You have arrived!

SEE, SHAPE, SHARPEN - Module 8 ( Final Project)

In this last module we will go through each step in order from pencil to pen to watercolor.

Course Guide PDF Bundle

As sketchers we are both visual & hands-on learners. Excel with the exact framework delivered step-by-step in this PDF bundle.

– Full course printable follow along PDF

– 8 worksheets to strengthen your muscle memory

– Essential Tools List for the Super Sketcher PDF

($97 Value)

Personalized Written Feedback

You will get in-depth critiques for your work throughout the whole course, eight in-depth examinations total. After each module you will get a break down of your progress, areas to keep being a boss at and areas to sharpen up, also bad habits to let go of. When you have specific questions, areas you’re struggling with, I will be there with you to awaken and grow your newfound skills.

($347 Value)

“I SeeTheLines” Private Group

This Private Group is exclusive for members of The Urban Sketching Mastery program. This is where we will do assignment discussions, critiques, and presentations. Each member will be participating as part of the course curriculum. You’ll be able to get your questions answered faster while you receive and give encouragement to your fellow sketcher.


Group Coaching Workshops

3 months of LIVE weekly 2-hour workshops


Repetition is the mother of skill, and that’s exactly what we will be working through together in this bundle of group workshops. Each week you will get to sketch something new and challenging. The winning reference voted on submitted by each member in the group will get their chosen reference sketched.

One exciting aspect of urban sketching is the variety of styles one can approach it with. We will take advantage of this by sketching in different mediums and approaches. From graphite, to water soluble ink, to ink & watercolor. And speed tests! From 15, 45, 90, to 180 minute sketches. Each will deliver a unique result and an ability you will harness.

($3,600 Value)

The Underdog Artist Course

From Survive to Thrive While Breaking All the “Rules”


You didn’t go to some fancy art university, you didn’t graduate with an Art degree, you’re not selling out galleries and exhibiting to private collectors, so what’s the point of being an artist then? That’s exactly what you will uncover in “The Underdog Artist Course: From Survive to Thrive While Breaking All the “Rules””

Learn the exact framework to paving your own path as a self-taught artist. Necessity is the mother of invention when you are faced with no choice but to survive with your ability to SeeTheLines and deliver a service.

($397 Value) 

Build Your Own Sketching Brand & Business: 


Now that you have mastered the ability to sketch with the SeeTheLines Method, it is time to integrate to service. Through the Create – Connect – Serve Model you will identify yourself as an Artist with a gift and duty to fulfill without selling yourself short. This course will guide you a step-by-step process to identifying your client, finding your client, and landing commissions even if you’re just starting out.

($597 Value)

Private 1 on 1 Coaching Mastery:

3 months of LIVE weekly 1-hour Coaching Sessions


The most powerful way to transform is through custom designed guidance specific to your needs. Receive critical altering tools and methods to enhance your artist self. Ask any questions ranging from sketching, to traveling, to business and brand management, we will amplify your bad ass abilities.

We will begin with questions, work through a sketch together, and end with goals to achieve by our next session.

($3,697 Value)

“I SeeTheLines” T-Shirt


You’ve made it this far in your journey to awaken your inner artist and now it is time to embody your vision of sketching and say, “I SeeTheLines.” After successful completion of Urban Sketching Mastery and apprentice guidance you will receive this exclusive T-shirt. Hit the urban streets and sketch away because you’ve earned it. 


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Alán Ramiro Manning



With 10 years experience working in the architecture profession and a lifetime obsession in sketching, Alán is your guide to awaken super sketching skills without needing technical know-how or natural talent. He has discovered an intuitive process to sketching from his breakthrough living in Barcelona, Spain. Mastering the ability to sketch was an inner calling, but fears of self doubt and bad habits made it very difficult to pursue. 

When push came to shove, no money left, Alán had no other choice but to take action to teach himself how to sketch in a fast, fluid, and fun way. So he hit the streets of Barcelona to sketch and sell postcards to tourists and locals alike. That was the catalyst that led him to ‘SeeTheLines’. By creating an experience for people, in turn a connection and a memory to savor, sketching became a means to create, connect and serve. 

After having traveled to 20 countries and sold artwork all around the world, it is with utmost joy and passion that, Alán is now in the position to create immersive experiences to join him on his travel sketching journeys while guiding you in your development. You will see the lines and begin to harness your own unique vision of creating a legacy of sketches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other programs out there?

The SeeTheLines methodology is unique to Alán’s teaching. From his extended time spent traveling and sketching and with over 10 years working in architecture – this has created a one-of-a-kind program. Specifically there was a massive turning point from making sketching a living & breathing life style. You’ll get aspects of the technical side from architecture, but more importantly you’ll get the intuitive framework that has been developing over last 7 years. Additionally, as SeeTheLines evolves, so will you.

What is the format of the program?

LIVE interactive online class sessions hosted via Zoom. All of the course content i.e. videos, pdfs, downloads, will be accessible via the members area on Mastermind.com

When can I start the program?

The first LIVE session begins on July 24th, 2021 at 11am and then runs for 8 weeks. 

Can I go at my own pace?

You can participate at your own pace although it is encouraged to keep up with the class. It is suggested that after the 8-weeks LIVE, you can go back and take your time with the material. 

How long will I have access to the courses?

Lifetime Access

If I am completely new to urban/ architecture sketching, Is this course appropriate for me?

Yes absolutely and it is encouraged. We will work through foundation building for the complete beginner in a fun hit-the-ground-running way.

If I am more advanced will I still find value in this course?

The exciting thing about this course is that it will equip you with new ways to SEE. You will get unique professional architectural trained methodologies while discovering Alán’s particular technique and approach. 

I might be too old to start learning something new, is this still possible for me?

100% yes. This intuitive framework taps into your instrinsic understanding of space. You will quickly start to notice seeing your environment differently which will then inform how you approach sketching. 


Here's what students experience learning The SeeTheLines Method

I really enjoyed this course by Seethelines! I would highly recommend anyone seeking to start or improve their travel/urban sketching, to take part in the course. Alán is not only shares expert knowledge of sketching and watercolour but also inspires to enjoy the whole process from start to finish. It was a great experience following and trying out the process for myself. I’m already a fan of his work but looking out for any more courses by Alán!

Joshua Takaoaka

Architect | @sketchjt

Great course breaking up the sketching process in proper phases. I am partial to organized approaches 😀 Main necessary knowledge for a great start imparted & good practical examples demonstrated. There’s everything here for a beginner & some good ideas for a more seasoned sketcher. 

Adina Schisler

Engineer | @adinaschisler

Wow, I really enjoyed this class! Alan breaks the material down into steps simple enough for a beginner, but there is plenty of content for an intermediate watercolorist as well. His tips on perspective were especially useful. The scene we painted was quite complex. It included plants and trees, buildings, water and boats. It was fun to paint and very informative. Thanks, Alan! I look forward to enrolling in more of your classes!

Shannon Silver

Mom & Aspiring Watercolorist | @dorkemomsart

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