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“The Sketching Life Kit”

Travel Sketcher! It’s here. Supercharge your sketching life with The Sketching Life Kit – it’s a hand selected and tested kit for your urban sketching conquests. Inside, you’ve got everything you need to navigate your daily life with sketching while honing in on those pieces with extra love. From pocket books to a watercolor sketchbook to my newest secret weapon pen.

As you transform, your art transforms  –  and these tools are a summation of my 10 year transformation. The pen is my latest tool that has helped evolve my style to be energetic and expressive and I can’t wait to hear how you apply it to your work. These are not just tools; it’s an invitation to make sketching a living breathing lifestyle.

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My favorite tools on Amazon

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Folding Stool

Folding Stool

Lightweight Sketching Stool. Features Convenient Carrying Case. Measures 14" x 14" x 8"

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Platinum Carbon Ink Bottle 60ml - Black

 Platinum Carbon Black is a highly-regarded fountain pen ink known for its deep, rich black color and exceptional water resistance. It's favored by artists, illustrators, and fountain pen enthusiasts alike for its smooth flow and intense pigmentation.

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Fountain Pen

Sailor Fude De Mannen - Calligraphy Fountain Pen

A favorite among urban sketchers is this angled nib pen that flows the ink nicely. The versatility of this nib packs many pens in one allowing you to sketch from thin to thick lines.

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Sailor Fountain Pen Converter

Necessary: Ink converter cartridge for Sailor fountain pens

Must have in order to add ink to your pen body.

For each of your pens you can have one of these.

Different ink colors? Get more pens, which means get more cartridges.

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Fountain Pen

Lanxivi Duke 551 Confucius Fude Nib Fountain Pen Bent Nib

This power house pen will have you refilling your pen more often because it sketches bold, thick, and flows well. It's a fountain pen that is an addition and sidekick to your other pens. If you want to increase the size of your drawing, this is a great pen to have.

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Travel Tripods + Photo Equipment

Carbon Fiber Tripod

For Filming Content
Carbon Fiber Tripod - XC-M 525CK

The XC-M 525CK is more than just a tripod, it's part of an expansive modular system.

XC-M stands for eXtreme Compact Modular and it is the modular component that makes this tripod system truly special.

I use this tripod for traveling and filming my content and courses as the center column can be modular to be used as an extension arm as well.

Just search for XC-M 525CK when you land on the site.

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Studio Easels

Use discount code "SEEMY10" for 10% off

Studio Easel

Versatile Studio H-Frame Artist Easel-Walnut

Professional Art Wood Easel. The large h-frame art easel is made of Germany thickened beech wood and galvanized hardware, polished oil finish, durable & smooth.

With an adjustable height from 59" to 95", can lay down and lock at any angle.

Easy to use and easy to assemble.

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Tabletop Easel

Portable & Adjustable Tabletop Easel

Save your neck and back from pain and use this tabletop drawing board. With 6 adjustable settings from flat to 70°, comes with drafting T-square, provide flexibility for various drawing methods, and folding up easily for both travel and storage

Approx. 18½" x 14¼" (47 x 36cm), a multipurpose board not only for painting, drawing, sketching, and drafting but could also be used as a bookstand or for tablets to display

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My current tools and materials

Please note that your materials will constantly evolve as you tranform in your journey. This is an example of what my current tools and materials are. The most important takeaway is to have waterproof ink and pens with at least three line sizes, ie. from extra fine to bold. To see a full detailed list please see FAQ’s.

My current tools and materials list shown in the photo:

  • Brush pen thin/medium
  • Needle point fountain pen (extra fine)
    *filled with platinum carbon ink black
  •  Two waterbrushes filled with diluted gray ink. I use Noodlers Lexington Grey. Which is a water based ink.
    * small brush : dark dilution
    * medium brush : lighter dilution
  •  Mop brush (16)
  •  Flat brush (12)
  •  Round brush (4)
  •  And a watercolor palette with at least some ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, among other colors

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials and supplies should I have?
The following are suggested to best benefit the online workshops
  • Small pocket sketchbook for quick practice drawings.
  • Watercolor sketchbook or block minimum (A4 size)
  • (1) color pencil (blue color preferred)
  • Watercolors: add colors: ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson red, burnt umbre, black, burnt orange, cadmium yellow.
  • Brushes: 2 round brushes, 2 flat brushes,  waterbrush also works.
  • Permanent ink pens: Min. (3) line size pens or a fude nib fountain pen filled with ink, a black brush pen. (Pentel brand recommended.)
  • Two waterbrushes diluted with waterproof grey ink. One brush is 50% water 50% ink, the other is 20% ink, 80% water. (Noodler’s Lexington Gray suggested)
  • Water/ cup and paper towel
If I am completely new to urban/ architecture sketching, Is this workshop appropriate for me?

Yes absolutely and it is encouraged. We will work through foundation building for the complete beginner in a fun hit-the-ground-running way.

If I am more advanced will I still find value in this course?

The exciting thing about this workshop is that it will equip you with new ways to SEE. You will get unique professional architectural trained methodologies while discovering Alán’s particular technique and approach. But more than that you will return home with a boost of inspiration and vision to continue in your journey.

What if I cancel at the last minute?

Because we are a small group, last minute cancellations are nonrefundable.

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