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Cost Effective and Aesthetically Pleasing

After weeks of trial and error searching for the most cost effective AND aesthetically pleasing matboard, the final result arrived to black/cream core and black/black core mattes from

5x7 Matte 4x6 Artwork

8x10 Matte 5x7 Artwork

Why a Black Matte?

My first bulk buy was a bright white matboard. That was a big fat NO. Maybe the typical buyer won’t notice the difference in shades of white. BUT to me, the stark contrast of whites made me cringe.
So, black mattes was a smart direction to go for a bulk order. The shades of white no longer battle each-other.

Limited Edition Prints

For the LE prints I am going with a black/black core. This is clean, no hassle, and by default focuses the eye to the piece while popping the ink from the drawing.

I ordered several samples of shades of white to match to my paper types. Thankfully provides a shade that is not so bad. So in the end, in my next bulk order, I will chose the right white, providing two options.

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