Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

For under $75 you can be sketching in comfort either sitting or standing out on-location. This set-up has served me well and easily packs up for quick on the move guerrilla sketcher style.
Below are the three items with links to where to buy them.

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

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Macrem PT55 Travel Tripod

Light and Sturdy Tripod

Save time, I vouch for this tripod. Been traveling with it for 2 years and easily attaches to my backpack or inside. But check with your airline to see if they allow this as a carry-on. Last time I had to check my bag in with all the tripods and such.
$35.99  – Cant beat this price.
Mactrem Travel Tripod sold on Amazon

Guerrilla Painter Tripod Mount

Board Attachment

Easy strong attachment to any board and tripod mount.
Guerrilla Painter Tripod Mount sold on Blicks

Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip

Duals boath as your drawing board and to secure your paper or sketchbook.
This will work or any board really.
Landscape Clipboard sold on Amazon

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