Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant

For under $75 you can be sketching in comfort either sitting or standing out on-location. This set-up has served me well and easily packs up for quick on the move guerrilla sketcher style.
Below are the three items with links to where to buy them.

Budget Friendly Travel Sketching Assistant


Macrem PT55 Travel Tripod

Light and Sturdy Tripod

Save time, I vouch for this tripod. Been traveling with it for 2 years and easily attaches to my backpack or inside. But check with your airline to see if they allow this as a carry-on. Last time I had to check my bag in with all the tripods and such.
$35.99  – Cant beat this price.
Mactrem Travel Tripod sold on Amazon

Guerrilla Painter Tripod Mount

Board Attachment

Easy strong attachment to any board and tripod mount.
Guerrilla Painter Tripod Mount sold on Blicks

Landscape Clipboard with Low Profile Clip

Duals boath as your drawing board and to secure your paper or sketchbook.
This will work or any board really.
Landscape Clipboard sold on Amazon

True Grit: How One Designer Taught Himself to Draw and Became an International Artist

True Grit: How One Designer Taught Himself to Draw and Became an International Artist

drawing on-location in a tower of la sagrada familia


True Grit: How One Designer Taught Himself to Draw and Became an International Artist

“Hand drawing has been in the architect’s arsenal since the beginning. The ability to sketch by hand presents the designer with a tool untied to any technology. This is a medium that is an intrinsic part of the individual. How many times have we observed someone, masterful with the hand, sketch something right there in front of us? It is a powerful experience. This article tells the story of a young designer who decided that he wanted to learn to draw and stopped at nothing until he could. Little did he know, his life would be transformed forever. If you’ve wanted to learn to draw or any new skill for that matter, this piece is for you.”

By Sean Joyner // Archinect – June 25, 2019

The full article can be viewed on Archinect.com.
Click here to read the article.

Search Complete! Matboard Bulk Order Success

Search Complete! Matboard Bulk Order Success

Cost Effective and Aesthetically Pleasing

After weeks of trial and error searching for the most cost effective AND aesthetically pleasing matboard, the final result arrived to black/cream core and black/black core mattes from matboardplus.com

5x7 Matte 4x6 Artwork

8x10 Matte 5x7 Artwork

Why a Black Matte?

My first bulk buy was a bright white matboard. That was a big fat NO. Maybe the typical buyer won’t notice the difference in shades of white. BUT to me, the stark contrast of whites made me cringe.
So, black mattes was a smart direction to go for a bulk order. The shades of white no longer battle each-other.

Limited Edition Prints

For the LE prints I am going with a black/black core. This is clean, no hassle, and by default focuses the eye to the piece while popping the ink from the drawing.

I ordered several samples of shades of white to match to my paper types. Thankfully matboardplus.com provides a shade that is not so bad. So in the end, in my next bulk order, I will chose the right white, providing two options.

This is Ron

This is Ron

This is Ron. Met him walking along Westwood boulevard, Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon. Gave the man some change and he said he loved me. I said I love him too, put my tea down and adjusted myself for I knew we’d chat for some time.

He shared some deep thoughts on his view of God and the trinity, and went on to say that man will eventually all die from themselves, suicide of sorts. I asked him what his hobby is, what brings him joy and immediately he responds with, “the government won’t give me money, damned jobs..” Etc. etc..

After some back and forth with his persistence on the government, I said, “well fuck the government… What I asked is, what brings you joy, a hobby, anything” he stopped.. And calmly gestures his hands saying he loves art, he likes to draw. Bingo! He remembers. He was relaxed now with a softer tone. I showed him my sketchbook and shared the experience from Barcelona hustling, sketching obsessively on the streets. He was so stoked and a bit taken back. My hand on his shoulder, staring straight into his eyes without a blink I encouraged him to take on his hobby for art in any shape or form. “Do whatever it takes to make that hobby your joy again, it can even lead to making some money.” We bumped elbows, said some love, and parted ways. Ron’s a good man, I’ll see him around again and hopefully doing some art.

-Sunday 08/09/2015



Thesis has begun! After a semester of research honing in on an odd pairing to examine further, the thesis will focus on the celebrity and the paparazzi.

Thesis advisers: Peter Culley and Micah Rutenberg
Woodbury University

The Glamour Machine
A Sublimation of Celebrity Image Valuation

LA’s relentless network of billboards conditions subconscious modes of valuation within the urban environment. How can this strata of detached floating spaces, visually authoritative yet physically inaccessible, be transformed into a high value place of habitable exposure?

The Chateau Marmont, whose cultural significance is measured in high profile indulgency and tragedy, straddles a unique arrangement of billboards.  Some meet the ground, others tower, and one hovers above the villas of the Chateau itself.  This cluster of billboards has the potential for an architecture of permeation; while the image is surveyed, advertised, and disseminated.

The Glamour Machine uses the site’s artificial elevation to both expose and hide the ‘untouchable’ A-list celebrity, providing programs that reveal the persona but privatize the person.  The strategic harnessing of image valuation results in an architectural sublimation.  The visual encounter conditions a way of seeing by rechanneling our desire into an enhanced association with prestige.



Milestone 1

Milestone 1



Intervening the existing

Interface - 2

Form Finding


An abstract suggestion of form and space. Ambiguity allows for finding moments to investigate further.


material testing - mock-up model

material testing – mock-up model

model space to sketch space

model space to sketch space


Street Art Experiment

Street Art Experiment

An Urban Sketch Art Experiment on the streets of Barcelona

In late April 2014 I set out for a “street art experiment”.

The idea was to do what I do normally… urban sketch anywhere and everywhere I desire,

but while showcasing printed post card size sketches attached to the inside of my messenger bag.

Sure, why not?

Add a 3 euro sign on there as well, let’s see what happens.

After skating about El Barrio Gotico of Barcelona, this spot “felt” right. The sounds, the smells, the pedestrian clamor, and of course the perspective I was about to spend a few hours admiring. After about four plus hours of laying out the lines in pencil…

…yes, 4 HOURS just for the PENCIL portion?

Why so long you wonder?

I was interrupted by many, many, passer-bys that asked about my works, myself, and many people became fully invested into what I was doing for quite a while. So, YES, the experiment was a success.

I made enough euro to eat for the next two weeks.

That was the beginning of a very fruitful and prosperous months that followed.




20142005_CarlaElGotico_ARM_web IMG_5173

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