This is Ron. Met him walking along Westwood boulevard, Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon. Gave the man some change and he said he loved me. I said I love him too, put my tea down and adjusted myself for I knew we’d chat for some time.

He shared some deep thoughts on his view of God and the trinity, and went on to say that man will eventually all die from themselves, suicide of sorts. I asked him what his hobby is, what brings him joy and immediately he responds with, “the government won’t give me money, damned jobs..” Etc. etc..

After some back and forth with his persistence on the government, I said, “well fuck the government… What I asked is, what brings you joy, a hobby, anything” he stopped.. And calmly gestures his hands saying he loves art, he likes to draw. Bingo! He remembers. He was relaxed now with a softer tone. I showed him my sketchbook and shared the experience from Barcelona hustling, sketching obsessively on the streets. He was so stoked and a bit taken back. My hand on his shoulder, staring straight into his eyes without a blink I encouraged him to take on his hobby for art in any shape or form. “Do whatever it takes to make that hobby your joy again, it can even lead to making some money.” We bumped elbows, said some love, and parted ways. Ron’s a good man, I’ll see him around again and hopefully doing some art.

-Sunday 08/09/2015

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